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Temperature Guard has been making quality products since 1977. We currently specialize in Food Service, Medical, and Industrial grade applications. We offer quality products from a family business.

Sensors for use with our products

Temperature sensor in vial filled with glycol


The BP2-G temperature sensor is perfect for monitoring product in refrigerators and freezers.

Temperature sensors in glycol are recommend by the CDC as well as the VFC program.

This sensor can be ordered with a NIST certificate.

BP2-G $50.00
BP2-G-NIST: $70.00

Lead time for NIST Cerificate is up to 10 days.

Spec Sheet for BP2-G

Temperature sensor in vial filled with glass beads


The temperature sensor in beads helps to prevent sudden temperature spikes when a door is opened.

The BP-V is perfect for applications where glycol is not required.

The vial with glass beads can be ordered seperately.

BP-V $40.00
BP-V-NIST $60.00
Lead time for NIST Cerificate is up to 10 days.

Vial with glass beads only $16.00

Spec Sheet for BP-V

Temperature Sensor Installation Kits

For a clean installation, any of our sensors can be ordered as a kit that includes a thin flexible cable that wraps smoothly around the edge of the fridge/freezer and does not interfere with its seal.

The kit includes:

  • One Temperature sensor in vial
  • One 25' of extension cable
  • One Flexible cable


BP2-G Flex Kit $85.00
BP2-G-NIST Flex Kit: $105.00

BP-V Flex Kit $75.00
BP-V-NIST Flex Kit $95.00

Installation Guide

Temperature sensor for ultra-cold freezers


The LTS-V can be used for temperatures from -148°F to 266°F is submersible.



LTS-V $105.00
LTS-V-NIST $135.00
Lead time for NIST Cerificate is 10 days.

Spec Sheet for LTS-V


Stainless Plate Temperature Sensor

The SP is best for walk-in coolers and open display cases. They mount easily to the wall and create a shield over the sensor.

SP $29.99
SP-NIST $59.99
Lead time for SP-NIST 10 days.

Spec Sheet


BP2 and LTS temperature probes only


The BP2 can be used for temperatures from -58°F to 392°F

The LTS can be used for temperatures down to -198°C or where the sensor is to be submerged.

BP2 $30.00
BP2-NIST $50.00
LTS $79.99
LTS-NIST $109.99

Spec Sheet for BP
Spec Sheet for LTS

BP-HT High Temperature Probe with 8" probe.

The stainless steel BP-HT can be used with the VM610E to monitor temperatures from -40°F to 740°F

BP-HT $79.00

Door Sensorsdoor

Installation Guide

The door proximity sensor is used to detect open doors.

Can be used with all models.

Order: DR$19.99

Best for computer and server rooms:


Room Temperature Sensor
Room Temperature and Humidity Sensor

R and RH3-R
The R sensor measures room temperature.

The RH3-R sensor measures  temperature and humidity. Works with VM608E only.

R $29.99
R-NIST $59.99
Lead time for NIST Cerificate is up to 10 days.

RH3-R $99.99
RH3-R-NIST $175.00
Lead time for NIST Cerificate is up to 10 days.

Spec Sheet for R
Spec Sheet for RH3-R


Water Sensor for use with the VM608E and CM705E

WTR - Water sensor that is placed on the floor that will trip an alarm when it gets wet.

Order: Water sensor $40.00

Spec Sheet



Strobe Light & Alarm

RL-B - Remote alarm siren and strobe connects to any Temperature Guard with alarm relay output. The siren offers eight unique alarm sounds76-94 dB at 10 ft. Strobe flashes 60 times per minute to provide a visual signal. Wall mount using mounting boxes and hardware included. UL listed.

Order: Strobe Light & Alarm $110.00

International Power Supply

International Power Supply

International Power Supply accepts 90-264VAC, 47-63Hz.

Includes socket adaptor blades for US, EU, UK, AU.

This power supply is only necessary for countries that do not have 120vac 60Hz system.

Order: PS-Multiplug $32.00


Replacement Power Supply


Input voltage: 100 ~ 240 VAC

Output voltage: 12vdc, 500ma

Center positive jack

Order: Power Supply


Temperature Sensor Extension wire

Standard Wire
for BP, LTS, R sensors

Standard extension wire for all temperature sensors. Excellent for short runs.

Available in 25' or 100' rolls

22 awg, twisted pair, non jacketed

Order 100' roll $45.00

Order 25' roll $20.00

Industrial Wire
for BP, LTS, R sensors

250 ft. roll of industrial wire is good for longer runs up to 700 feet and is best for abusive conditions.

18 awg, two conductor, jacketed

Order Industrial Wire $85.00

100' 5 conductor cable wire for RH3-R temperature and humidity sensor

100 ft. roll of wire specifically for the RH3-R.

Order WIR-5-100 $50.00


Note: The lead time for sensors ordered with a NIST certificate is typically 5 to 10 days depending on stock.

NIST certificate is valid for 1 year.