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Temperature Guard has been making quality products since 1977. We currently specialize in Food Service, Medical, and Industrial grade applications. We offer quality products from a family business.

Below is our complete list of monitors and alarms. There is one to fit almost every application.

All of the models below can be ordered with an NIST traceable calibration certificate!

Refrigerator/Freezer Guard
The VM605E is our best selling model  for monitoring refrigerators and freezers that are storing vaccines or valuable samples. It is our most versatile model capable of monitoring up to eight sensors and alarming via telephone, email or text. Includes temperature data logging and built in web server to view the data.

If you want all the features of the VM605E but do not require a phone, then save some $$$ and order the M705E.


Cellular Refrigerator/Freezer Guard The CM705E has all of the monitoring features of the VM605E and replaced the phone calls with alarm text messages that are sent directly to your cell phone.


M307 Wireless NetGuard The M307 is our lastest offering designed to simply and easily monitor a refrigerator/freezer storing temperature sensitive drugs and samples at a very competitive price.


Computer Room Guard The VM608E is the leading product in Server Room protection. The Computer Room Guard monitors temperature, humidity, power, water, and open doors. It will call or email you if there is a problem. Use it to monitor multiple rooms and even integrate with an existing alarm panel. Compete data logging using our free Data Capture 2016 software. This is our best seller for computer room protection.



Cellular Temperature Monitor The CM712 monitors the temperature with 2 external and one internal temperature sensor, humidity, two door open sensors, water and power. Communicates via the cell network. Perfect for traveling samples, refrigerated trucks or remote locations. Alarms and setup via text message.

Cellular Input Monitor The CM714 has all the features of the CM712 except that it monitors four dry contact inputs, two door open sensors, water and power.



Property Guard The VM610E has the same features of the VM605E but it is calibrated for use at higher temperature range for use in equipment and server rooms or anywhere there is a wide temperature variation.


Input Guard The VM606 is used for monitoring dry contact switch closures. Monitor 8 inputs which can be programmed as N/O or N/C and you will call you if any of them are tripped.

The Refrigerator/Freezer NetGuard The M303 is also perfect for monitoring a refrigerator/freezer storing temperature sensitive drugs and samples. It monitors two sensors and two door-open sensors.  It records the temperature to a computer through a local area network as well as internally.

MA412 8 Sensor Temperature Monitor and Alarm with Individual Relay Outputs