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Temperature Guard has been making quality products since 1977. We currently specialize in Food Service, Medical, and Industrial grade applications. We offer quality products from a family business.

Refrigerator/Freezer Guard - M705E

Used around the world to monitor everything from vaccines to perishable food items.



Monitor eight temperatures from -328°F to 392°F

Calibrated measuring range: -148°F to 78°F with
+- 1°F accuracy

Available with A2LA or NIST certificate

Displays current, Min, Max temperature readings

Alarm actively notifies out-of-range temperatures

Viewable low battery indicator

4000+ readings memory storage

User programmable logging interval

Comes with free software that will:

  • Store limitless amount of records to PC
  • Download the 4000+ readings from it's memory
  • Send alarm emails/text messages
  • Post data to the cloud

Ethernet connectivity




Available with NIST or A2LA calibration certificate

Sample Certificate
Sample Measurement Results

See how Refrigerator/Freezer Guard meets all VFC monitoring requirements


Order Now without Certificate $625  
Order with A2LA Calibration Certificate* $725  
Order NIST Certificate valid for 2 years $660  


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You need to know immediately if the valuable product stored in your refrigerator or freezer is going to spoil due to an equipment failure or a power outage that knocked out your cooler and office network.

The Refrigerator/Freezer Guard is what you need.

Connect the Refrigerator/Freezer Guard to your network and our free Data Capture software will collect temperature data from the Refrigerator/Freezer Guard, store the data, and send out alarm emails and text messages.

The Refrigerator/Freezer Guard along with our Data Capture software will alert you to touble by:

• Sending alarm emails and text messages.

• Pulse alarm buzzer to alert local personel.

• Optionaly you can connect the alarm relay to your security panel

* 1 week lead time for A2LA calibration

TG Cloud App for Android


Built in Web Server

With the M705Es built in web app you can download temperature data, generate and print graphs, export the data to a CSV file. Simply type the IP address of M705E into a web browser.

Print out a daily alarm report that highlights all temperatures that went out of limits.

The M705E 4000+ temperature records in its built in memory. Export the data to a CSV file for further analysis.

Click on screen shot to enlarge


The screen below shows the highest and lowest temperatures recorded each day. The temperatures that went out of limits are highlighted in red.


  • Monitor up to 8 refrigerators, freezers, blanket warmers, room, etc with one unit.
  • Rechargeable twenty-four hour battery backup.
  • 4000+ temperature records.
  • Programmable high and low temperature alarm limits for each refrigerator/freezer/cooler.
  • Programmable alarm time delay for each refrigerator/freezer/cooler.
  • Field correctable temperature readings.
  • LCD displays real time data, max and min temperatures.
  • Includes our free Data Capture software.
  • Available with NIST or A2LA calibration certificates.
  • Wide temperature monitoring range: -328°F to 392°F.

What is the minimum I need to buy to build a monitoring system?

One Refrigerator/Freezer Guard for every eight refrigerators and freezers.

One temperature sensor for each refrigerator and freezer.

Extension wire if the sensor is located more than 10' from the VM705E.

How does the Refrigerator/Freezer Guard work?

Example 1: Temperature alarm condition
There are three items that need to be programmed for each sensor before monitoring can begin. The items are:

High alarm temperature limit (i.e. 5°F)

Low alarm temperature limit (i.e. -10°F)

Alarm callout time delay in minutes (i.e. 45 minutes)

Alarm reminder time delay (i.e. 2 hours)

Sensor 1 is installed in a freezer. The high alarm temperature limit is 5°F and the low alarm temperature limit is -10°F. The callout time delay is 45 minutes. 

The temperature raises to 6°F.

After 45 minutes the Refrigerator/Freezer Guard will turn on the alarm relay and buzzer and begin to make emergency phone calls. 

If Data Capture is installed and running, an alarm email and or text message will be sent. The alarm condition will be saved in Data Capture's database.


  • Maximum temperature sensor range: -328°F to 392°F, -200°C to 200°C
  • Factory calibrated range -148°F to 69°F (-100°C to 21°C) to less than 1 degree
  • Field calibration can be performed at one point
  • Measurement resolution 0.1°
  • Sensor Type: 1000 Ohm Platinum (.00385 TCR)
  • 0.5a 125vac alarm relay output
  • Internal alarm buzzer: (85dB)
  • Rechargeable twenty-four hour battery backup included
  • Plug-in power supply, splitter, telephone extension and Ethernet cable included
  • Operating temperature range 32°F to 125°F
  • Enclosure Dimensions: 5.0" x 7.5" x 1.75" (W x L x H) Keyhole mounting holes 10cm on center

Sensors that you can use with the VM705e:

BP-2G Temperature sensor in glycol filled vial. Available with NIST certificate.

BP-V and LTS-V - Our most popular sensors for medical or food storage. Both are available with NIST certificate!

SP- Walk in coolers and open cases

R - Room Temperature Sensor

You can also use the Door Sensors and the Strobe light (RL-B)

Please see the Sensors and Accessories page for additional sensors and ordering information.

You may also need extra wire, as most sensors come with only 10' and the R sensor comes with no extra wire.